Meet the Fam

Ruben's at Federal Hill

Ruben Ramirez, CEO

“Mr.Ruben” The visionary of what is today Ruben’s started out with making crepes and burritos at the age of 12. He mastered the art of burrito making and hit up his cousin to open the late night take out joint in Fed Hill. Ruben is passionate about the discipline behind the fitness world and became a CrossFit trainer. You can see him pumping iron at the Merit or on the field playing soccer. On rare occasions you can spot him roaming the streets of Fed Hill and if you're lucky enough you end up talking to him.

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Jonathan Ramirez, CFO

Jon “Papa Jons” is a behind the scenes kind of man who enjoys playing soccer. He handles the books of Ruben’s Mexican Food and is the man to talk to about catering. He went into the business with Ruben to manifest the option of creating a long term career and financial stability. Enjoys a good mezcal and The Wolf on Wall Street (00:07:25-00:07:35).

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Ruth Diaz Rivera, SMM

Ruth “Ms.Ruth” is a Baltimore native who enjoys the late night Fed Hill scene. She was classmates with “Mr.Ruben.” in middle school. Later reconnected on a typical pre-pandemic Fed Hill night and stumbled upon Ruben’s. Joined the team as an intern in 2020 and is now full time after quitting her teaching job in 2021. On rare occasions you may see the SMM & CEO doing late night promo and interacting with customers.

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Cuong Danh, General Manager

Cuong met Ruben in elementary and met Jon in highschool. “Coach” enjoys playing soccer where he plays alongside Ruben & Jon. He taught CEO Ruben the soccer skills that he knows but barely masters it on the field. “Coach” & the CEO became crossfit trainers. They enjoy participating in the Christmas fundraiser for Toys for Tots challenge (1 dollar = burpee). Joined the team in 2019 after a random call from Ruben asking if he wanted to work.

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Angel Ramirez, Store Manager

Angel “Bean”is the younger and only brother of the CFO. He started off as a crew member at Ruben’s and leveled up to be one of our respected managers. He enjoys pumping iron with the CFO & CEO on his day off along with watching anime. Joined the team in 2018. The second most viable bean in the world (#1 being the Chicago bean).

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Lulu Cortes, Warehouse Manager

“Mama Lulu” Mother of the CFO and Matriarch of Ruben’s Mexican Food. She joined the team in 2019. As the mother & aunt of the co-founders she enjoys cooking for the family and extends that love to the workers at Ruben’s Mexican Food. She enjoys dancing and being the best mother to her children.

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Future CEO
Crystal Ramirez Cortes

Ms.Crystal is a Baltimore native and the youngest of the clan. The true mastermind behind Ruben’s from operations to marketing. Currently in elementary school and aspires to be a CEO. She is the youngest of the Ramirez-Cortes siblings and her motto is “kill baby shark.”

How it all Started....

Our Story

Ruben’s Mexican Food all started with a man’s dream for a better life. Ruben Sr. came to the U.S. in search for better opportunities. He found himself working at a bakery, where he learned to make crepes. This led to him opening a stand at the farmer’s market under the 83 bridge, where he used his heritage and experience with crepes to create a menu with a French/Mexican blend.


After his business grew at local farmer’s markets, he opened his own restaurant at 1043 S Charles St. Sadly, there was a flood that caused electrical issues that were too expensive to repair, causing him to close the restaurant.


Ruben Jr. and his business partner and cousin, Jonathan had worked with Ruben Sr. at the farmer’s markets and the restaurant on S Charles St, so when they saw the restaurant at 1043 S Charles St. for lease, they wanted to continue what Ruben Sr. had started and reopen Ruben’s Mexican Food.


They reopened the business in the fall of 2017 and have been bringing joy to the community ever since.

The Man Behind the camera
Sean Dackermann

The man behind the camera. Sean has been part of the family since 2018. Ruben and Sean met through a GrubHub photoshoot. During this first photoshoot they connected through being Baltimore natives and sharing a love for food. The connection continued through their work ethic and the continuous support for local shops in Baltimore. Ruben fell in love with Sean's style of work so much that he calls it “Sean Magic.”